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Winters, lawyers, are experts in migration law.

We can provide the FASTEST Immigration Approvals in Adelaide!

Need an Immigration Lawyer in Adelaide? All of our practitioners are highly experienced and our staff members are courteous and helpful. Several languages are spoken including Mandarin and Cantonese.

We will assist you by advising as to Visa eligibility, attending to your Visa application, securing permanent residency and, ultimately if required, citizenship.

Additionally, we are able to provide effective legal assistance in every area of Australian law – including the purchase of the house, the commencement of a business, the conclusion of contracts and other matters of importance to persons newly arrived in this country.

Our rates for services performed are highly competitive and may, by arrangement, be paid in a way which meets your convenience.

In the event that you are an employer or an employee, we can guide you through the requirements for a 457 Visa and look after every aspect of this complex application from start to finish. Your own time involvement will be minimised.

Passport received by Adelaide Immigration LawyerWe are experienced in dealing with every type of Visa – from refugee to business immigrant and everything in between!

The first half-hour consultation is free of charge. At the conclusion of that time we will advise you with respect to Visa eligibility and the costs involved.

Should you have encountered difficulties with your Visa and require assistance in dealing with Federal or State authorities, or would like to appeal a decision to the MRT\RRT or Federal Court, we are here to help you.

*Please refer to our schedule of visas and charges for an initial cost indication.

Visa Category Visa Details Price($)* Including GST (10%)
Skill Immigration EOI 500 550
State Sponsorship 500 550
Skill assessment 500 550
Visa application 1500-3000 1650-3300
Family Migration Spouse (on shore) 2000-4000 2200-4400
Spouse (off shore) 2500-5000 2750-5500
Parent 1500 1650
Children 2000 2200
Others 2000 2200
RSMS (ENS) 186/187 6000-10000 6600-11000
Temporary Employment Visa 457 10000-15000 11000-16500
Other Temporary Visa 401 2500-4000 2750-4400
Visitor's Visa 600 1500 1650
Student Visa  570-574 1500 1650
  1. Business Innovation Stream
  2. Investor Stream
  3. Significant Investor Stream
188 50000 55000
The Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) Visa 888 10000 11000
Business Talent (Permanent) Visa SA Sponsorship 5000 5500
Visa Application 50000 55000
Business Plan   3000-5000 3300-5500
Appeal   3000-5000 3300-5500
Refugee   3000 3300


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